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Dawson Archery is an Authorized Dealer for Hip, McKenzie, and Rinehart Targets.
If you need inserts , midsections , antlers , horns , or replacement bags
for your targets just give us a call or email


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Rinehart Targets

Rinehart has a wide variety of 3D, novelty, cube targets, and many other targets,
with replaceable inserts for 3D targets.

Please Call For Pricing

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McKenzie Targets

McKenzie has 3D, block targets, targets for the back yard shooter,
replaceable mid-section for 3D targets.

Please Call For Pricing

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Morrell Targets

Morrels targets have a wide variety of bag targets of all sizes and some 3D targets.

Please Call for Pricing

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Hips Targets

Hips targets are unique, they are a "Performance Foam" target that can be shot on
all sides.  Broadheads are okay to test fire on these targets with minimal wear. 
Broadhead Targets

Please Call For Pricing

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