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We are your local BowTech, Mathews, Diamond And Mission
  Authorized Dealer. 
Arrows & Accessories
 Beman, Easton, Gold Tip Arrows, Zebra,
Winners Choice Strings and Magnus Broadheads Authorized Dealer. 
Targets Delta, Hipps, Mckenzie and Rinehart Authorized Dealer

We keep up with the latest tools to keep your bow & arrows in tune,
such as laser center shot gage , HTM bow vice for arrow leveling and
1st 2nd and 3rd axis settings , Power Press bow press,
Bitzenburger & Jo Jan  fletching jigs, the latest in adhesive's
for the best bonding of vanes and feathers

We will look forward to hearing from you soon, may God bless .

Shop Hours
Closed Sunday
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10am  to 7pm Thursday
10am to 5pm Friday
10am to 4pm Saturday



If you are in need I will have my cell Phone I will set up a time to meet you at the shop and try to take care of it Phone # 417-259-9011  

We Accept
Visa, MasterCard & Discover 
Credit & Debit Cards

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John 3:16


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